IsSend SMTP 200GB Usage

(IsSend) how do i start sending emails?

You will receive a software sent unlimited mails, with a business email domain (webmail) you do not need hosting, and you will receive information from your secure server SSL / TLS settings smtp, to connect server, and start sent the emails, Successfully .


The SMTP server can connect by any bulk email marketing software.


IsSend (Email Marketing) Sending Very Fast.

Our goal and current inboxing rate is 100%. We calculate this number through third-party partners who measure the top 45 email domains out there (i.e., Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, Hotmail, AOL, etc.).


IsSend SMTP 200GB Usage

How many months ?
  • Send 10 Million Emails/per Month

    Send unlimited Emails per day

    Data usage "Bandwith" 200 GB

    Two Free Business email (2Webmail)

    Free Software bulk email sending(Unlimited)

    Two Smtp server secure SSL/TLS settings

    Dedicated IP adresse

    Descuss with priority support 24/7

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